Friday, December 18, 2009

Just DO IT Already...

A bitch has outdone herself this time.

Stopped a serious aircraft export because some silly assed men did not believe a bitch when she said to TEST that damn CVR & DFDR batteries. Worse than that, they read the scrap date and all the dumb asses canceled the card(s). Oh well ....when a bitch tells your ass that this shit is on the schedule, make like Nike and 'JUST DO IT!'

Of course no one bothered to ask a bitch this question, but the silly asses asked every other dumb question on the planet.


Anonymous said...

LOL...It sounds as if the Bitch is on her A game. Good going and I hope they know you knew it first.

Ann- new orleans

Anonymous said...

"Dumb" = "person who can't talk" but yeah, sounds like you've got some real assholes to deal with. The words "Always test the fuck out of everything" should be carved into the moon.