Saturday, December 22, 2007

Eating My Words For Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

At Sams last night this bitch was in the book department and saw Barak Obamas book "The Audacity of Hope'. Picking up the book and just picking a place this bitch read the following words:
"And although it was Jimmy Carter who would first introduce the language of evangelical Christianity into modern national poplitics, it was the Republican party, with its' increasing emphasis on tradition, order and "family values," that was best positioned to harvest this crop of politically awakened evangelicals and mobilize them against the liberal orthodoxy.
".....It is their issues - abortion, gay marriage, prayer in schools, intelligent design, Terri Schiavo, the posting of the Ten commandments in the courthouse, home schooling, voucher plans, and the makeup of the Supreme Court - that often dominate the headlines and serve as one of the major fault lines in American politics."
OMG. This guy believes what I do about the 'wedge issues' described above.
So this bitch is munching away on her words. Look out.... here is a white, over fifty, church going Republican that likes what she is learning about Obama. I just wonder if there are a ny more like me?


Shark-fu said...

Lawd, you sound like C-Money!

Keep asking questions and doing that research, my sister in Bitchitude!

And keep on keepin on...


mary said...

Well, I am over 50; considered white; do not attend church, except on rare occasions; religion is man made, spirit comes from elsewhere; I lean towards Democrats, but often vote Third Party. The first time I registered to vote I registered Republican to vote against George Wallace.

Audacity of Hope definitely impressed me: he thinks like I do. Wow! I did not like his yes vote on the Patriot Act, but after much study, did vote for him in CA primary (early mail-in vote).

I have been tolerant of my older sister's rigid religious beliefs, even enjoying her Focus On The Family subscription she sent me. When they told me to ban Alice Walker's "The Color Purple" and I asked her to not subscribe me anymore she and I got into it.

She never read the book, I did and I liked it, yet she was writing to the newspapers decrying the book. She gets published a lot. She no longer has my address, due to her: I do not care I am subscribing you anyway holier than thou attitude.

I like Obama supporters. He even brings in anti-choice or anti-abortion people who agree to disagree in our opposite opinions. Now that is lovely.