Friday, November 25, 2005

Stuff and Happening in the Late Year Life of an Old Bitch....

Well home gamers an old bitch is back. Its been a couple of weeks, AOB has been a busy bitch. People have fucked with a bitch and a bitch had to get....welll......a bitch had to get ghetto. Now this bitch is not black but this bitch IS of JEWISH HERITAGE...OK??? .....and GHETTO is a Yiddish means "enclave"...think of the Warsaw Ghettos in Poland in WWII.

The first company that fucked with the Bitch was Cingular Wireless. Of yes, they fucked with me when they had the NERVE to send me bills AFTER I had paid my final bill (yes this AOB switched carriers to I have real network here Bwahahahaha). ANYWAY, he bitch called them and explained and was almost being nice and even sent in all my shit to them. However they kep sending me bills that when a bitch got ghetto. Now for all of those who do not know...this bitch KNOWS that GOOGLE is the bomb. If its not on Google...the shit DOES NOT FUCKING EXIST...OK??? Well a bitch found Cingular Wireless HOME DAMN OFFICE in Hot-Lanta Joe-gia and had the nerve, yes I did, to call and get connected to legal whereupon I procured the fax number and proceeded to innundate their asses with many pages of fax proof of my payment. But then Jan in legal got irritated with me......sooo... time to really get their asses ...... back to Google and guess what????? EMAIL ADDRESSES for the President of Cingular Wireless. Needless to say....My ass received a call from the office of the Prez and they assigned a sweet precious darlin in Austin Texas to help a bitch out and he did....drinks on the bitch when she is in Austin!!! Cookies to the boys at Google!!!!

FUCKIN A!!!!!! A bitch LOVES the internet. Instant gratification.

Second TXU had the nerve to put a bitch on get this CASH ONLY. Seems when a bitch paid her bill on line her bank ID theft stuff kicked in and refused it...ok so a bitch writes a check. So TXU says we want a cashiers the bitch goes to the bank, sees her friends and gets a cashiers check and stops payment on the one she wrote. Only stupid TXU double credits the account. Now...the bitch knows that shit is not right, so a bitch does tha math and bill pays TXU their money. Oh and then the next bill shows cash only and a bitch hits the fucking roof!!!!! So a bitch bill pays them their damn money while on the phone with their asses. That was Wednesday the day before the turkeys are stuffed...I get a call from someone wanting to verify my address. WHY? A bitch asks snarkily????? To send you a bill for 210.36. What the fuck for... I paid that...... All hell broke loose and I told young un to get my ass a supervisor. I proceeded to wear her ass out and she finally LOOKED to see what the fuck was going on AFTER I explained the shit to her (to TXU) for the bazillionith damn time. Finally TXU figured out that my shit is currrent and a bitch DOES pay her bills.

THIRD....and maybe I did ok on this one.....I was nice to the guy at who got my credit card stuff straight.... yes it was with Chase and if you apply for the card online...and shop immediately it will be declined because its not activated. But Sony customer service was sooooo great and Matt gets a special kiss from the AOB, who is nice and happy that her Vaio TX610 is on its way...2.76 pounds of ummm ummmmm ummmm sony-licious technology as only they can do it!!!!

This bitch loves what the Japanese have done with making shit teeny-licious!!!!

A bitch may be in some far away places soon so she needs to be agile, mobile and alwasy HOS-TILE.....

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It's Me, Maven... said...

Sonylicious, teenylicious:) Love it! Sorry for the hassles you went thru... at least you spoke to someone in the US of A and not India, which seems to be the trend these days!